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#1 Reason Christians Don’t Experience Healing

The #1 Reason Christians Don’t Experience Healing – YouTube Video

The #1 reason that believers do not walk in the Divine Health that they should be walking in is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of how the Kingdom of Heaven works. This is the reason that so many Christians die and do not experience what God has promised to them through Jesus Christ on the cross.

You Were Already Healed – At the Cross

Healing, like salvation (when you got saved) was accomplished on the cross over 2,000 years ago. 1 Peter 2:24 says, “By His stripes you were healed.” Not “going” to be healed, but “were” healed. This has been a fundamental flaw with almost all healing preachers and evangelists with regard to correct teaching on the subject of healing. That doesn’t mean that God didn’t restore people back to health, it just means we have to ask better questions and divide the Word more precisely.

Learn to Fight the Devil to Remain Healed

Just like the times we are living in, you have to be more specific to get the results you are looking for. Don’t ask God for something you already have. This is where the battle with the enemy of God comes into play. You are healed, and the Devil is trying to bring sickness and disease into your body. You must learn to fight the Devil, you must learn to use the Word against Him, you must say what the Word of God says about you.

The Kingdom of Heaven Suffers Violence

The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force means that you must fight to keep what is already yours. The Devil walks about as a roaring lion seeking whom he will devour, but we are to resist him, and when we do—he must flee. You are already healed. Stand up and fight for that manifestation in your life. Sickness and disease don’t belong in someone who is the Temple of God. There is no sickness in heaven, and God’s will is to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

You are already healed!


Gregg F. Swifit, J.D.