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Where Is America In Biblical Prophecy?

America is not mentioned in biblical prophecy

The United States of America is not mentioned anywhere in Bible prophecy. There are those who try to interpret Scripture to indicate that the United States is referenced in the prophetic events of the last days; to what end is unclear. It is my considered opinion that what we think we know about end-time prophecy is significantly less than we think. Prophecy is revealed as the Holy Spirit desires. Remember, the Apostles didn’t even know about the fact that Gentiles were to be included in the message of the Gospel until Acts 10. And that didn’t happen for about 5-7 years after the Church began in Acts 2. It was a surprise to them. It was revealed to the Apostle Peter in a vision. 

The United States not on the scene in the last days

Now, let’s take a look at one Scripture that shows the Unites States is not in the picture of world influence during the last days.

But the court which is outside the Temple, leave it out, and do not measure it, for it has been given to the Gentiles; and they will trample it underfoot for forty-two months. —Revelation 11:2

Let’s set the stage for a better understanding of how our Scripture here applies to the United States. Israel and the United States have a number of commitments to each other. Treaties and trade agreements between the two place Israel among the most supportive allies of the Unites States in that region of the world. If anyone were to attack Israel, the United States would be legally obligated to come to their defense. This is aside from the fact that there are powerful Jewish and Jewish/Christian groups that wield signifiant influence in the US government to facilitate favor to the State of Israel.

Israel overrun by Gentiles – Where is the Unites States?

But the Scripture above says that Israel has been overrun by Gentiles. How is that even possible? If you understand the events of biblical prophecy you have an idea. Revelation 11 follows a series of worldwide catastrophic events outlined in Revelation 6-9. Either the Unites States no longer exists as a powerful nation or political forces in the Unites States have gotten to the point that Israel is no longer considered an ally. If that were the case, it would seem to imply that Democrats in America have taken complete control of every aspect of the government and especially its foreign policy. Not much of a stretch to imagine that as Democrats, as a whole, don’t care for the State of Israel, and the United States Jewish community generally votes about 65% for the Democratic agenda.

No matter how you look at it, the United States is nowhere to be found. And why would it be? What generally passes today for traditional Christianity would not have been allowed to exist in the days of the early Church. There is no comparison. It’s no wonder that either the United States has already been destroyed or the political climate exists to such a degree that true biblical Christianity no longer has any relevant influence in political circles. Either way, the United States is not mentioned in biblical prophecy.

Gregg F. Swifit, J.D.